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Naturopathic Medical Clinic North Vancouver
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Welcome to Dr. Health by Dr. Heathir Naesgaard, Naturopathic Doctor Inc.

Dr. Health stands on 25 years of delivering supportive, professional naturopathic medical treatments and can be your personal first choice naturopathic medical clinic.

Dr. Heathir Naesgaard uses her naturopathic training and skills in North Vancouver, British Columbia. Since May, 1994 she has applied her knowledge of the whole person health via Naturopathic Medicine. She has worked to turn Dr. Health Clinic in North Vancouver to the ultimate heaven for her cherished clients.

  • Dr. Health is a people-centered medical clinic– which means you are at the center of everything we do and we actually care for your health.
  • As a registered naturopathic medical clinic, our approach to health and wellness will bring straightforward yet achievable and practical solutions.
  • We do our best to offer practical and cost effective health care to assist you through non-emergency illness. We will strive with you to find solutions to your health concerns.

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  • Nutritional Counselling : Specific individual diets are formulated by including vitamins, mineral & other nutritional supplements to strengthen the body.
  • Botanical (Herbal) Medicine : Plant substances are selected for their healing effects & nutritional value.
  • Homeopathy : Minute amounts of natural substances are selected to stimulate the body’s self-healing abilities.
  • Manipulation : Corrections of stress or trauma-induced misalignments of muscle, connective tissue, & the skeletal system are applied according to needs.
  • Physical Medicine : This is the therapeutic use of water, light electricity, ultra-sound, massage & exercise
  • Psychological Services : These include counselling, hypnotherapy & biofeedback.

We Value Your Family's
Health and Your Time

Welcome to Dr Heathir Naesgaard Naturopathic Doctor Inc, on Dellbrook Avenue, North Vancouver. You can receive timely and professional treatment for most non- emergency health situations and injuries for which you desire attention. We will see you as soon as possible and may suggest care by other specialists.



      Bowen, Jones Strain-Counterstrain, Network Spinal Analysis, Percussion & Laser Therapy



      Designed to transform imbalanced conditions into vibrant health by selecting specific nutrients.



      Treatments for immune system, sleep-awake cycles, digestion, libido, thyroid, adrenals.

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Naturopathic Medical Clinic in North Vancouver

Welcome to Dr. Health

We are committed to helping people move beyond their symptoms & build a healthier life for them. To assist people on their journey, Dr. Naesgaard develops individualized programs for growing healing healthy life. This may include:

  • Body Work (Bowen, Manipulation, Cold Laser Treatment)
  • Detox Programs (Homeopathic, Plant, Dietary)
  • Hormone Balancing (Adrenal, Female, Male, Thyroid)
  • Immune Support Including Allergies to Food/Inhalants, lowered Resistance to Viruses/Bacteria
  • Mental & Emotional Support
  • Pain Treatments
  • Skin Treatments
  • Weight Management
  • Lab Testing

How does Naturopathic Medicine grow your health

What is Naturopathy ?

Naturopathy is an entirely natural approach to health and well-being. It is based on the identification of barriers to health which need to be diminished or eliminated in order to allow the body to heal and recover naturally. It includes sedation or stimulation of organ systems and functions in the process of your restoration.

Common Naturopathic modalities include:

Nutrition :

    Proper Nutrition gives you vitality and supports your health. Poor nutrition leaves you tired and less enthusiastic. Therefore, seeing your food intake is a vital component of determining possible excesses or deficiencies that prevent you from growing your optimal health.

Herbal Medicine: :

    Doctors will prescribe precise herbs or pills based on your symptoms. They are selected to minimize side effects and maximize your healing.

Physical Medicine

    Corrections of stress or trauma based problems of muscles, connective tissues and joints are diminished through cold laser, bodywork and excersise.

From Our Blog

At Dr. Health, we are proud to provide you with the most updated and valuable health tips and remedies. We all work together to help our patients by delivering them essential information through our blog.

  • Thyroid Treatment

    Thyroid Treatment

    DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE SLOWING DOWN, GAINING WEIGHT, DRYING OUT, LOOSING MOTIVATION? DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOUR HEART IS RACING and YOU ARE ON AN EVER- ACCELERATING TREAD MILL? Do you experience Acid Indigestion,  Anxiety, Brittle nails, Constipation, Dry skin/nails, Fatigue, Fluid retention, Hair loss, Headaches,  Heat or Cold Intolerance, Hypoglycemia, Inappropriate weight

  • The Difference Between Naturopathic Medicine And Allopathic Medicine

    The Difference Between Naturopathic Medicine And Allopathic Medicine

    Difference between naturopathic medicine and conventional (AKA allopathic) medicine Thank you so much for dropping in to read my new website. Here I will share many insights that I have garnered through my Naturopathic medical practice. So read and enjoy and when you are curious or in need of help come in to see me
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Our story

Care and Relief

Appointments are desired. Booking are usually 45 to 90 minutes to allow for patients to to be heard and treated. It is quite usual to have several appointments to care for your needs.

Naturopathic Clinic with Professional Doctors
Dr Heathir Naesgaard Naturopathy North Vancouver


Licensed Professionals

Dr. Naesgaard addresses symptoms & illness by assessing the imbalances that propelled you to your current state of discomfort/illness, especially for the chronic, degenerative & autoimmune diseases. This health quest may be simple or complex. Therefore,  She utilizes many methods & technologies to test the cellular imbalances that are behind your present symptoms or illness.

Benefits of North Vancouver Naturopathic Clinic

The Benefits

Cost Effective

Specific individual diets including vitamins, mineral and other nutritional supplements to encourage your body to achieve optimal efficient function. This means that your cells will produce energy to support your new and healthy lifestyle.


Why Choose Us

It is the people who make Dr. Health Clinic what it is and we are extremely proud of the achievements of our
staff. We all work together to help our patients through recovery, providing our best possible care.

  • Complex Homeopathic Medicine

    Homoeopathy is a specific stimulation and regulation therapy.

  • Reliable Lab Tests

    We judiciously select lab tests designed to assist us in delineation of your situation.

  • Anti-Aging Techniques

    The advancement of medical science has also led to interest in living longer and healthier lives.

  • Allergy Relief (Brimhall Technique, Phenolics)

    Allergy relief therapies range from homeopathic remedies to structural therapies to nutritional supplements.

  • Muscle fitness

    Muscle Hypertrophy, or muscle growth, is a common and well-founded workout goal for many people.

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