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Meet Dr. Naesgaard ND

Naturopathic Medical Clinic in North Vancouver

I have practiced Naturopathic Medicine for 25 years in North Vancouver. I am passionate about helping my patients move beyond their symptoms & into wellness.In December 1993, I received my post graduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University, Seattle, WA. After successfully writing the BC Licensing exams in February 1994, I worked with Dr. John Matsen, ND in 1994 prior to building my private practice in North Vancouver.

  • Naturopathic Medicine uses natural solutions to treat & prevent diseases. It demands upgrading & expanding knowledge & skills gained through conferences, seminars & reading of current naturopathic medical information.
  • Continuing education assists me to discover the various factors affecting your health, & to create your unique treatment plan to achieve your optimal health.
  • For this goal, I will choose appropriate tools for your natural healing such as nutrition, medicinal plants, homeopathy, structural alignment techniques, cold light laser & so on. (For more information see Naturopathic Training or Treatment Approach)

My Timeline

My Personal Journey to Naturopathic Medicine

  • Qualified with the Royal Toronto Conservatory to Teach Piano
  • Completed a Bachelor of Education at UBC
  • Taught Elementary Grades for Several Years
  • became ill with the 20th Century illness for which the standard medical system was diagnostically & treatment wise ineffective
  • Overcame life-threatening chemical sensitivities via the Clinical Ecologist Theron Randolph, MD & Dr. W.D. Kelly, DDS
  • Completed a Certificate of Health & Fitness at Simon Fraser University which concentrated on nutrition & fitness

  • Was introduced to naturopathic philosophy & solutions by Dr.W.D. Kelly DDS. He inspired me to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a doctor who guides patients to knowledge, healing & health. His coaching opened the door to my adventure of practicing Naturopathic Medicine
  • Discovered the pleasure of canine companionship with my golden doodle.

Additional Qualifications

As a Naturopathic Physician, I have written several articles: Rhodiola, (Adrenal support); Allergies: The Great Mimickers.
Beyond the foundational Naturopathic Physician education, I achieved training in the following:

  • Complex Homeopathic Medicine

    Homoeopathy is a specific stimulation and regulation therapy.

  • Reliable Lab Tests

    We judiciously select lab tests designed to assist us in delineation of your situation.

  • Anti-Aging Techniques

    The advancement of medical science has also led to interest in living longer and healthier lives.

  • Allergy Relief (Brimhall Technique, Phenolics)

    Allergy relief therapies range from homeopathic remedies to structural therapies to nutritional supplements.

  • Muscle fitness

    Muscle Hypertrophy, or muscle growth, is a common and well-founded workout goal for many people.

For anyone who is looking to be healthy

Naturopathic Professionalism

I served many years as board member on the BC government’s College of Naturopathic Physicians regulating & licensing naturopathic doctors. Also, I acted as chairperson for & as a board member of the Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, which educates Naturopathic Physicians in New Westminster, BC. I have had the privilege of being guest lecturer for Health Fairs throughout Canada & I offer educational talks on a variety of topics at my office & at private functions on request.

For professional guidance & coaching to optimize your health & achieve long-term wellness, contact me to book your appointment or a 15-minute introduction to my practice at #1-3731 DELBROOK AVE, North Van. 604-980-4181

Referrals are not required to see me. I welcome new & returning patients.