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MORA Testing & Therapy

The Mora machine is a German electronic device that can be used for testing and therapy. My favorite use is for therapies like balancing acupuncture meridians, calming or revving systems, detoxification, reduction of pain and sensitivities.

MORA Therapy is founded on the bio-resonance principle that live organisms produce electromagnetic frequencies by way of their own biochemical processes.

When you hold the rods of the Mora device, it will measure your electromagnetic frequencies and sort out what is positive or negative Through its filter series, the Mora’s returns normalized electromagnetic frequencies back to you.

While you hold the rods, an item that negatively impacts your bio- resonance is placed in the Mora’s input cup. Its filters monitor your energetic state while normalizing the electromagnetic frequencies and creating an electronic copy to take home.


We all want to feel good and when we don’t we may require need to ask a Naturopathic Doctor to investigate. Most common complaints that bring in my patients are acute or chronic pain, especially low back and neck pains. Other popular concerns are heartburn, abdominal and stomach bloating and pains, anxiety, depression,fatigue.

What is Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Testing?

Kinesiology or biomechanics is the study of body movement. Applied Kinesiology is a method of strength testing of muscles that are believed to be allied to specific distant tissues and meridians. Furthermore, particular muscle weakness can signal problems in those areas like nerve damage, reduced blood supply, and chemical imbalances. The concept is that through correction of the muscle weakness, the associated imbalances can be helped. This is not a claim that AK will be the sole agent of healing and health.

Concerns that can respond well to the MORA Therapy include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Sensitivities / intolerances to food, environmental  issues, airborne items, nutritional deficiencies
  • Areas of your body:  Circulation, Heart, Digestive, Skin, Nerves, Gut,  Joints, Muscles, Lungs, Head, Back, Limbs, Urinary tract, Genitalia
  • Complaints:  Infections, Inflammation, Itching, Swelling, Aches and Pain, Stiffness, Palpitations, Cough, Asthma, Eczema, Acne, Learning disorders, Arthritis, Diarrhea, Constipation

Applied Kinesiology is based on the original work of Dr. George Goodheart, a chiropractor in the 1960’s and that of his predecessors. They found that various muscles were associated with organs, glands, and meridian points (as in acupuncture). Furthermore, specific muscle weakness could signal internal problems which could be addressed. This is in essence neurobiological feedback. Treatment would include resetting of the muscle and at times relevant therapies were added.

Muscle testing is often referred to as applied kinesiology, although the two are not the same.

There are branches of AK, known as “specialized kinesiologies”. An example, you may hear of is Touch for Health (TFH), formulated by Dr John Thie DC, a colleague of Goodheart. This is taught worldwide and recognized by Switzerland’s International College of Applied Kinesiology. (below the book, over 1 million copies sold) TFH teaches a specific positional test for each limb which are associated with a distant tissue. The muscle’s performance indicates the balance in the connections to the central nervous system. Also, TFH involves Chinese meridians and lymphatic massage points which are to be balanced.

In contrast to TFH, Muscle Testing is a technique of testing point on the body that Donald Lepore, Naturopathic Doctor, explains in his book “The Ultimate Healing System”. Another classic book on Muscle Testing is by John Diamond, MD.

Muscle Testing is based on the fundamental, traditional Chinese medicine idea of internal energy that runs through meridians to carry energy to body parts. This internal energy can be imbalanced by various interfering agents, like incorrect eating, environmental toxins, infections, weather changes and more.

Muscle testing uses this idea to noninvasively evaluate the energy by applying slight pressure to a chosen muscle. The response provides information on energy blockages, which correlate to organs. Such problems may be from nutritional deficiencies or excesses, infections, trauma, inflammation, hormones, vertebral misalignment and more. This concept can used to test the body’s responses to items like supplements and more.


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